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Instituto Alberto Einstein


The Lower School section offers academic programs such as Math, English, Science, and Spanish to achieve a combined approach. It also provides a variety of educational resources for an individualized learning experience. It has an array of educational programs for stimulating creativity and movement, like Arts, Music, and Afterschool programs. 

The section counts with educational platforms which allow a mixed approach in classrooms with varied stations layout.In the same manner, we encourage the reading of our students with the development of the imagination and language, through the reading program, LEV, Reading is Vital.

In Preschool, from nursery to pre-kinder, the students learn using the Reggio Emilia Approach, a method that combines the different philosophies (constructivism, social constructivism, and environment) so students can investigate, create, and discuss their school environment. The classrooms in kinder are completely equipped with technology for the teaching of individualized curriculums. 

The Elementary section counts with new classrooms structured with furniture that is adaptable to the teaching. Also, the students work with two new methods of reading and writing in our curriculum, due to the alliance with Columbia University – Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP). These methods allow our students to write in a variety of genres and incorporate into the writing their voice, thoughts, and actions. 

Both Preschool and Elementary are associated with Teachers College from Columbia University in New York. The philosophy of the TCRWP complements the Reggio Emilia, since their learning approach is to give students the opportunity of choosing the books they want to read and write about the subjects they are interested in. 

Furthermore, we offer COMSANA, a healthy living program, and students with special needs are treated through CAMP, the Multiprofessional Support Center.