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Instituto Alberto Einstein


In the preschool section, we promote the studies of our sacred Torah and the fulfillment of the Mitzvot through ludic activities. We also transmit the values through significant activities in the same manner that we develop the values and self-worth to form the adult that the student will become. 

Significant projects from Preschool: 

  • Tefilá.
  • Jaguim.
  • Kabalat Shabat.
  • Parashat Hashavua.


In the Lower School section, we work in the strengthening of our identity as a Jewish community. Also, we apply techniques that can further improve the significant understanding and reflection about the messages from the Torah. We offer the Canadian program Talam, which allows a higher academic development in the Hebrew language as a second language. The prayers, Shabat, and festivities have the most important influence in our day to day.

Significant projects from Lower School:

  • Mesibat Siddur 2nd grade 
  • Bat Mitzvah 6th grade 
  • Floral Games in Hebrew and Kabbalat Shabat


In the Upper School section one of our main goals is working in the strengthening of our bond with Israel during classes, and we are also committed in the strengthening of our Jewish Identity through the knowledge of the Tanaj and Hebrew History.

We promote the Tefilá and the fulfillment of our Mitzvot. Also, we motivate the love to pray and offer academic excellence and good use of the Hebrew language through the international program NETA. 

Significant projects from Upper School:

  • Zionism contest
  • Jidón Tanaj contest
  • March for / of Life